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Automobile Accidents

Last year, nearly 34,000 people died in the United States as a result of a motor vehicle collision.

Thousands of injuries and fatalities occur on Georgia roads and highways each year. Due to no fault of their own, innocent people die or are seriously injured by negligent drivers who violate the Rules of the Road by speeding, ignoring signs, using their cell phones or driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Insurance companies for the negligent drivers usually rush to get car accident victims to sign settlement documents immediately after the auto collision occurs. Signing a quick settlement almost always hurts the car accident victim because the facts and circumstances of the collision are not yet known and the extent of the victim's injuries are not fully understood. It is your right to have an attorney review any settlement documents that an insurance company asks you to sign following a car accident.

Furthermore, Georgia has time limits in which to assert a claim and recover for your injuries and damages sustained as a result of an automobile collision. Once this time has expired, it may be impossible to receive any payment for your medical bills and lost wages or recover damages for your pain and suffering, permanent disability and other general damages.

It is important that you contact an attorney immediately after an auto accident occurs. Memories fade, witnesses disappear and valuable evidence is lost when a claim lingers for months or years after car accident.

Auto accidents are caused by a variety of factors, including distraction, exhaustion, reckless or aggressive driving, driving under the influence, weather, road conditions and mechanical failure. Auto accidents can also involve trucking accidents and motorcycle accidents. Because of the weight and size of motorcycles and commercial tractor-trailers, the damages and injuries in these collisions are usually more severe sometimes leading to catastrophic injuries and death.

What You Must Do After an Auto Accident:

  1. Remain at the Accident Scene
  2. Obtain Insurance and Other Information from All Parties
  3. Call the Police to the Scene
  4. Take Photographs and Keep Detailed Notes
  5. Never Admit Liability or Fault
  6. Seek Medical Care
  7. Contact an Auto Accident Attorney Immediately

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