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Boating & Watercraft Accidents

Boating is a popular recreational activity on the many lakes and rivers throughout Georgia. However, such activity can be extremely dangerous when inexperienced and/or impaired individuals are involved. In fact, the U.S. Coast Guard estimates that 4,515 boating accidents occurred in 2012, 13% of which resulted in death. According this study, the most common reasons for boating accidents were operator inexperience, inattentiveness and alcohol and drug use.

In addition, a high percentage of injuries that occur on Georgia's lakes and rivers involve the use personal watercrafts, such as jet-skis. According to the U.S. Coast Guard, personal watercrafts accounted for the second highest number of casualties among recreational vessels in 2012. Injuries involving these types of watercrafts usually result in catastrophic injury or death because the operator is not protected by the frame of a boat and suffers a direct hit when involved in an accident with another watercraft.

Recreational boaters who are inexperienced or impaired - operating speed boats, jet skis and other water vehicles - often cause significant injuries to both themselves and others.

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