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When a Car Accident Occurs, Who Is Responsible?

Far too often, car accidents occur, leaving individuals dealing with significant injury and unsure of where to turn next. This is understandable as many people are unaware of the legal matters associated with personal injury law.

As such, many of those injured in a car crash are unaware of who may be held responsible for the damages caused. It’s important to note that liability varies and it’s often dependent on the cause of the crash.

Matching Cause to Liable Party

There are plenty of factors that can result in a car crash. The causes are wide ranging and makes it complex for individuals without legal knowledge to navigate a potential case. However, it’s important to know who may be responsible in different types of car accidents.

  • Distracted driving crashes: When an accident is caused by distracted driving, it’s most often the fault of the driver. Typically, they’re using their cell phones, looking at passengers, or any other manual act that takes their attention off the road. In some cases, though, if a passenger’s actions blatantly distract or block the view of the driver, the passenger may hold some liability.
  • Drunk driving crashes: Similar to distracted driving accidents, most drunk driving accidents are caused by the driver who is intoxicated. However, Georgia allows for separate, additional legal action to be taken in these types of cases if a bar, establishment, or social host served alcohol to an already visibly intoxicated person and let them drive away, causing a crash due to the inebriation.
  • Reckless driving crashes: Typically, it is the driver responsible in these types of accidents. There are not many situations in which another party may be liable because reckless driving is typically looked at as speeding, lane splitting, or any other action which puts the safety of others at risk.

Some other types of accidents may occur, which may make additional parties liable, such as when a product defect on the vehicle prevents a vehicle from stopping, causing a rear end collision. This may make the manufacturer liable for the injuries.

At The Abrego Law Firm, our Atlanta car accident lawyers are dedicated to helping you determine the liable party and pursuing compensation through legal action. If your injuries are caused by negligence, the person responsible should be accountable for financial damages you have suffered.

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