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3 Common Slip & Fall Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Slip and fall accidents are common and many times could have been avoided. Some people even get injured from them and are in need of an Atlanta personal injury attorney like Abrego Law Firm to represent them. Here are some of the most common slip and fall accidents that occur and how to avoid them.

Spills With No Wet Floor Sign

Spills happen at businesses from time to time. It is not uncommon for a business to not be aware that someone has spilled something. If there is a puddle of liquid on the floor. there needs to be a wet floor sign to warn those that are walking by. Lawsuits can be avoided if businesses clean up spills immediately and put wet floor signs up to let others know that there is a potential hazard. It is important for individuals to look down when they walk in order to try to spot spills so that they can walk around them. If you are at a business and see a spill, it is important that you alert an employee immediately. This will allow them to clean it up and take the proper precautions to keep individuals from getting hurt.

Ice On The Walkway At A Public Place

During the winter months, many walkways ice over. This can create quite the hazard for those individuals that need to use the walkways. Just because this area is outside of a business, it doesn't mean that they aren't liable for a slip and fall accident. Businesses should take all necessary steps to remove this ice to make walkways safe. Patrons need to look for signs that there is ice on a walkway before using it. Taking the appropriate measures will keep all parties involved from needing the services of the Abrego Law Firm.

Flooring That Has Deteriorated

Over time, flooring will deteriorate. When this happens it can make for an unsafe situation. Individuals may slip and fall and need the assistance of an Atlanta personal injury attorney to help them. The best way for businesses to avoid one of their patrons from being injured is to make sure that all of their flooring is in good shape. When it isn't they need to make the necessary repairs and replace the flooring if needed. Individuals can avoid a slip and fall accident by not walking on flooring that doesn't look safe.

How The Abrego Law Firm Can Help

Slip and fall accidents do occur from time to time. When this happens it's often due to the negligence of a business or another person. If you have suffered from a slip and fall accident, you may need the assistance of an Atlanta personal injury attorney. At the Abrego Law Firm, we are very experienced with slip and fall cases. We can discuss your case with you and help you get the money you deserve from a slip and fall accident. Don't put off giving us a call if you have suffered a slip and fall accident. We can help you get the compensation that you deserve.