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Social Media and Your Personal Injury Claim: Do’s and Don’ts

Social Media and Your Personal Injury Claim: Do’s and Don’ts

Social media is ever-present today, people of all ages take to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and many others to express their interests and share their daily lives. While social media posts seem like a great way to show others of the life you’re living, and more often than not it is, there are things that any plaintiff in a personal injury case should be aware of.

While working with an attorney, they will work to get a general understanding of your case and you will work with them to build a narrative. This narrative will be what is presented in court and posting online may create a different view than what you and your attorney have worked so hard to create.

There are many different ways in which social media can hurt your personal injury claim, including ways that most people wouldn’t even imagine.

Do’s and Don’ts

We’ve gathered a list of do’s and don’ts over the years for you to keep in mind before posting online so that you don’t get your case denied:

  • DO: Change your privacy settings. Having your profile hidden to those who aren’t your friend is good practice in general but even more so during your process.

  • DON’T: Post photos of your injury, no matter how many likes you think it might get. This can be used against you in some way, you’d be surprised.

  • DO: Discuss your social media with your attorney, they can advise you on what is safe to post.

  • DON'T: Assume that because your profile is private you can post whatever you want. There are ways for other attorneys to see what you are posting through private investigators and the likes.

  • DON’T: Believe that deleting something erases it forever. Once something is online, it’s safe to say that it will always be online. Be careful of what you’re posting, as it can always be saved or archived somewhere.

  • DO: Avoid reading what others have to say about your case online. In the event that your case ends up being publicized, stray away from reading and commenting on what others have to say about you.

  • DO: Ask others who know of your situation to stay silent through the process as well. Content that others have posted can also be used against you in court.

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