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Negligent Security Explained

Property owners in Georgia are required by law to provide a safe environment for visitors and guests. This safe environment includes security from crimes against property and persons.

A negligent security claim is a way to seek compensation when victimized by a criminal attack while present on property owned by another individual. These claims normally cover criminal attacks that occur on commercial properties.

Business owners are required to maintain adequate security for their businesses. The amount of security necessary is dependent on the property's location, its intended use, and the crime in the neighborhood.

Negligent Security Claim Types

The Abrego Law Firm suggests you contact an Atlanta personal injury attorney as soon as possible if you are ever assaulted, robbed, shot, or raped at a place of business in the Atlanta area. Other times you should consider contacting a lawyer include:

  • An ATM Robbery.

  • A mugging at a shopping center parking lot.

  • A hotel room assault.

  • An assault in the lobby of a hotel, apartment complex, or other business establishments.

  • A gas station robbery while pumping gas.

  • Rape on a college campus.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of situations where a negligent security complaint can be filed. If you are ever subjected to a criminal act due to lack of security by a business owner, you are entitled to a negligent security claim.

The Burden Of Safety

We are all responsible for observing our environments. This includes knowing what is happening in our communities. However, businesses are also responsible for knowing what is happening in the communities where they do business. They are also responsible for guarding patrons against known risks.

For example, It may not be the best decision if any of us were to stop at a gas station late at night in a neighborhood that is known for muggings and robberies. But if we were to suffer at the hands of a criminal because the lights outside of the business establishment were not working, the owner of the gas station could be held liable for the attack.

A second example is a mall located in a high crime area. Adequate lighting might be enough to guarantee safety in a low-crime area, but security guards would be needed in the riskier location.

Negligent Security Consequences

If we are told property owners are liable for injuries that take place on their property, most of us would agree. But in general, we think mostly of slip and fall injuries that take place in a store or workplace. However, the injuries you incur due to negligent security can disrupt your life with the loss of income, medical bills, and long-term or permanent injuries just like other injuries.

If you were victimized by a criminal while patronizing a business establishment, the following questions will be important.

  • What is the crime rate in the area the business is located?

  • Was there adequate lighting where the crime took place?

  • Were locking systems adequate for doors and windows?

  • Was there an adequate surveillance system?

  • Were there private security guards employed by the establishment patrolling the area?

It is not enough for a business to have secure lighting only in main areas of the establishment. There is also the need for secure lighting and security throughout the facility.

Negligent Security Attorneys

If you or someone you know suffer at the hands of a criminal while patronizing a business in the Atlanta area, you will do well for yourself to contact a skilled and competent Atlanta personal injury attorney at the Abrego Law Firm.

It is a complicated process to challenge a large business establishment regarding a negligent security claim. You should not attempt to handle this matter on your own. You will need the services of attorneys who are knowledgeable regarding this area of the law and who will not be intimidated by the process.

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