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This Is What You SHOULDN’T Say After a Car Accident

When it comes to liability regarding car accidents, it’s rarely cut and dry. Liability is often nuanced, and all parties involved frequently share a portion of the blame.

Since car accident liability can be tricky, you must be very careful with the way you handle the situation. This includes the things you say and do, as well as what you don’t say and do.

Here’s what you need to avoid:

“I’m sorry.”

Many people feel the need to say “sorry” after a car accident to diffuse the tension of the situation. Doing this is a huge mistake.

Even if you are clearly not at fault for the accident, saying “sorry” is often seen as an admission of guilt. The insurance company can use this against you in order to assign you a higher portion of the blame.

It may feel uncomfortable not to say sorry, but it’s in your best interest not to. Don’t give the insurance company any more ammo than they can get on their own.

“I think…”

Don’t attempt to speculate or make any assumptions about what happened. If there are certain facts about the accident that you don’t know, say that.

It’s important that you’re honest and transparent about the incident. Don’t attempt to find an answer that you don’t know just because it’s asked of you. It’s safer to say that you don’t know.

“I’m not injured.”

Even if you don’t feel seriously hurt after a car accident, it’s in your best interest not to tell other people that until after you’ve been cleared by your doctor or another medical professional. Oftentimes, the pain of injuries sustained takes time to develop, which means you may not feel injured right away.

For instance, injured victims who have suffered whiplash often don’t feel any symptoms for hours or even days following a collision.

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