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Social Media and Your Personal Injury Claim: Do’s and Don’ts

Social media is a fantastic tool for sharing information, but you have to be aware of what you post, especially after an accident or personal injury.

Don’t: Share Information About Your Case

To begin with, it is important to talk to your personal injury lawyer on aspects regarding social media and your case. More legal cases are social media posts as evidence every day. That can be a big problem if you post about your injury online.

Posting about your vacations or everyday life could become detrimental since it can be used against you in your claim. What actually happened to prompt your injury will never change, but solid proof of the event is always necessary. Moreover, posting on social media could affect the amount of compensation you receive for your claim.

For instance, you could claim that you endured substantial leg injuries at your workplace by operating heavy machinery. But, on social media, you post pictures of yourself cycling through the park. This will prove to the jurors or plaintiffs that you are untrustworthy and you would lose all of your credibility.

Do: Keep Your Information Private

Everything posted on social media is seen as public information. If a person is willing to share information publicly, the posted content can be obtained by anyone who wants it.

You should avoid posting the following information on social media:

  • Conversations you’ve had with your lawyer about the case
  • Any details of your injury or medical information regarding your claim
  • Any emotions you experience associated with the claim
  • Acknowledgment of phone calls, emails, or any conversations you’ve had with people regarding the case

To be frank, when it comes to social media and your personal injury case, you should refrain from posting anything altogether.

Nothing is Private

Keep in mind that when you are sharing content with others online, whether it is with a small or specific group of people, the court sees that information as public. If your case goes to trial, the defense may petition for full access to your social media.

The less information available to the opposition allows you a greater chance of getting your claim resolved professionally and on your own terms.

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