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3 Reasons Why it’s Dangerous to Wear a Mask While Driving Alone

As you are probably aware by now, wearing a face mask in public spaces drastically reduces everyone’s chances of spreading the novel coronavirus.

However, wearing a mask in certain situations can actually be more dangerous than not wearing one.

One of these situations is driving alone in your car. Read on to learn how wearing a mask while driving alone or with people you shelter with can be dangerous.

3 Reasons

#1 - The mask can move, causing a mental distraction.

When your mask moves around your face, as they pretty much all do, it can cause a mental distraction while you’re driving. As you probably know, it’s crucial that you minimize your mental distractions behind the wheel so that you can fully focus on the road.

#2 - When the mask moves, you’ll want to adjust it.

Not only do moving masks cause a cognitive distraction, but they also cause a physical one. When your mask is uncomfortable on your face, you’ll have to take at least one hand off the wheel to adjust it. Doing so can be just as dangerous as eating while driving, which should also be avoided whenever possible.

#3 - When you’re alone, your mask is not protecting you from COVID-19.

When you drive alone in your car, there is little risk of contracting the novel coronavirus. Luckily, the virus isn’t naturally in the air we breathe—a sick person must expel infected droplets for the virus to spread.

If there is no one else in your car to infect you, there is no reason for you to wear a mask.


There are exceptions to every rule. If you are a delivery or rideshare driver, it’s wise to wear your mask at all times while working. This is because delivery and rideshare drivers frequently come into contact with other people, which makes them more vulnerable to catching the virus.

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